Memorial Tree Gift

Commemorate a loved one’s life by planting a tree in their memory. You could give the gift of a memorial tree to the family of the deceased and we’ll include a sympathy card with your personal message or you could simply plant it for your loved one yourself.

Trees are much better value than the traditional wreath in terms of cost, the environment and longevity.
To plant a tree at this time is very inspiring and uplifting. The tree will bring new life to your garden and as the tree grows and changes with the seasons, it is a living, ever-changing and positive reminder of a departed loved one. In many ways, we are reconnecting with our ancestors as trees have played an important ceremonial part of respecting the passing of a loved one in many cultures throughout the world for millennia.

The Weeping Cotoneaster is an excellent memorial tree especially for Winter as it is semi-evergreen and has vibrant red berries so it is uplifting during Winter months and it is a lovely dedication to a person’s life. The Weeping Cotoneaster is a good choice as it is a small tree. The Cherry Blossom Amanogawa  is another good choice, especially for a smaller garden as it is tall and narrow. In late April the tree becomes covered in clusters of frilly, pink flowers. Its foliage is light green in Summer and turns red in Autumn, very inspiring! The Corkscrew Hazel is another beautiful option. The leaves are a lovely yellow colour in Spring, changing to green in Summer and back to yellow in the Autumn. This tree looks fabulous when it is bare in the Winter as you can see the twisted branches so well at this time

Each specimen tree will be delivered in strong tubular packaging assuring they arrive in excellent condition. Trees can be delivered throughout Ireland within 2-3 days working days. 

Recommended for Memorial
  • Weeping Cotoneaster
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