Paul's Scarlet Hawthorn

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Paul’s Scarlet – Red Flowering Hawthorn Tree

Botanical name :Crataegus laevigata (Paul’s Scarlet Hawthorn)

Irish Name:Sceach Gheal

Description:A blast of brilliant red blossoms in the early Summer followed by red fruit in the Autumn. A perfect gift for lovers of vibrant colours in the garden and it is extremely hardy to severe weather and soil conditions. It is a deciduous tree with spiny branches and dark green lobed leaves. This type of Hawthorn is sometimes known as “Midland Thorn“.
Ballyskeagh in County Antrim and Skeheenarinky in County Tipperary are both named after the magical Hawthorn. Under Irish Brehon Law, the Hawthorn was considered a “Commoner of the Wood”. It is all the more surprising then that Hawthorn is perhaps the most noted tree in Irish folklore; hundreds of solitary Hawthorns or lone bushes remain in the Irish countryside as a visual reminder of this. Many farmers are still wary of cutting them down due to the superstition that they are the meeting places of the “Sidh”, or Fairies, and that some misfortune will happen to those who damage or removed these sacred bushes. The surviving ancient tradition of decorating the Hawthorn, or “May Bush”, with ribbons on the 1st of May in Ireland (Bealtaine) and Britain is a further illustration of the Hawthorns importance in history and its relevance in the present day.
The ash of burned Hawthorn was used to bleach linen; very young hawthorn leaves are tasty and can be used in salads. Haws, the fruit of Hawthorn, are edible, but not very tasty, and were eaten by the poor in mid eighteenth century Ireland. As the old saying goes - “when all fruit fails - haws”. The haws can also be used to make jelly or wine; and the flowers, when picked in their prime, can be used in perfumes or soaked in brandy to make liqueur.
Plant in any garden soil and will do well in sun or partial shade.
6ft - 1.8m
A maximum of approximately 7 metres high by 3 metres spread.

€75/ £62.48

“Hi Michelle,
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help in getting the tree to my Grandmother for her birthday. Needless to say she loves it and has picked a spot in the garden where her strapping young grandsons will be digging a nice hole for it
Thank you again for being so patient and helpful”, Neassa- Australia