Graduation Gift Tree

Graduating is a big milestone in a person life. It is a great time of maturity and so to celebrate this, a tree is a great way of showing your respect for all the hard work the student has put in to get to this day and is the perfect graduation gift. 
The Red Oak is a great symbol of strength and maturity which makes it a great tree to mark a graduation day. Another great tree to mark this occasion is the Laburnum tree with its yellow flower tassels draping from each branch – it truly is a sight to behold. The Contorted Hazel is a really unusual tree , it has corkscrew branches and lovely catkins in Spring – this may be one to highlight the many twists and turns that life throws at us all!

“A tradition in my child’s national school was for the graduating class to give a gift to the school body on their departure. In previous years there had been numerous gifts of library material and board and yard games but the children and their parents were looking for something special in 2016.
Since the school had recently undergone an extension and had lost some precious trees to classroom and yard space, it made sense to replant. Our school
being a city centre space also made this especially important. The Rowan tree offered on Treeco was an obvious choice, not just because of its suitability to the terrain and it’s established size but also because of it’s native nature and its rich folklore, especially it’s history of providing protection. This was something the graduating class wanted to press upon their fellow pupils and teachers -that they were offering them the gift of protection as well as some new plant life to make the yard a nicer place.
The children wrote messages of what they wished for the school body and tied these to the trees alter planting.
Treeco were very accommodating in getting us the trees delivered at just the right time for planting -not too early, not too late. Michelle was wonderful to deal with and followed up to check all went well after graduation day.
I will be returning to Treeco to purchase special gifts in the future and will be encouraging others to do likewise”.

Fiona, parent St Matthew’s NS, Sandymount
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