Wedding Gift Tree

To celebrate a marriage a tree is a lovely gift. Create memories for the happy couple by giving them a living reminder of their special union with the perfect Wedding Gift. They can watch their tree grow and mature throughout their married lives.

Corresponding with the season of their big day. In Spring I’d recommend the Red Flowering Hawthorn tree because of its double red flower display in April/May. In Summer, a Laburnum with its golden flowers cascading down is sight to behold. In Autumn, a Bramley Apple Seedling might be a lovely reminder of the day and why not use the apples to celebrate with a tasty treat each year. In Winter , Cotoneaster is a good choice as it is semi deciduous and will keep colour in the garden with its vibrant red berries.

For an alternative gift to either Mothers or Fathers of the Bride and Groom – why not give a tree! In particular, we have found this to be really great for the Dads as traditionally the Mums get a bouquet.

Recommended for Wedding (present)
  • Bramley Seedling Cooking Apple Tree
    Only € 70.00
  • Weeping Cotoneaster
    Only € 80.00
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