Autumn is a brilliant time for amazing foliage colour changes. Reds, russets, browns , oranges and scarlet are some of the many beautiful colours of the leaves at this time. It is also time to gather fruit. One of these trees would be a great gift for someone as it will give them a final blast of colour or a harvest of fruit each year before the onset of Winter.

The Red Oak is a definite must have if the garden is large enough to hold a mature Oak. It is a stately deciduous tree with broad dark green leaves in summer which turn a vivid scarlet colour in autumn. The Rowan ‘sheerwater seedling’ is really attractive in Autumn , Its leaves turn red and it bears clusters of orange-red fruits which the birds love! The Bramley apple seedling has attractive crimson blossoms in Spring and will give a regular heavy crop of very large apples with creamy-white flesh. These cooking apples are harvested in Autumn and can be used to make some really tasty desserts such as apple crumble. Last but not least is the Horse Chestnut – Its large fan shaped leaves look great and just think of all the games of conkers that could be played with the seeds.
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