Spring Trees

Spring Trees: Spring is a brilliant time in the garden as everything bursts into life again after the long Winter months. The following are my gift recommendations from our trees range for some Springtime interest in your garden.

The Flowering Cherry Blossom ‘Kansan’ Spring Tree looks brilliant in April/May as it is adorned with pink flowers. The Red flowering Hawthorn tree with its double red blossom will bring great colour to any garden. If you want to follow the tradition of the May bush, it could be decorated with ribbons on the first of May each year ( Bealtaine). Lastly the Kilmarnock Willow, this may be an unusual choice but I think it looks really great around March/April as this lovely dome shaped tree is covered in golden catkins.

Recommended for Spring
  • Flowering Crab Apple- 'Malus Gorgeous'
    Only € 70.00
  • Paul's Scarlet Hawthorn
    Only € 80.00
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