New Baby/Christening trees

Trees are truly a wonderful gift for a new baby . They can be given to mark the baby’s birth, a welcome to the world present, a Christening or any other occasion surrounding the baby’s birth. Why not celebrate your baby’s birth by holding a tree planting ceremony -some people take pictures every year of the baby beside the tree and watch it grow as their baby grows.

Here are some lovely options: the Weeping Cotoneaster is a great tree to send to a baby who is born in Autumn/ Winter as it is semi-evergreen with bright red berries which also brings biodiversity to your garden and will look lovely throughout these months.  The next one is the Cox’s Orange Pippin apple tree – most children love apples and it is lovely to go out to the garden to pick one at the peak of freshness. Last but not least, the Bramley Seedling Cooking apple tree is a brilliant gift as the child can pick the apples and bake some lovely tasty desserts with the family.

These are just some ideas but any of the trees from our complete range would be a wonderful and lasting present for a baby. To order simply choose a tree from our range and the pot will be gift wrapped in hessian, we’ll include a tag with the trees description, history, folklore and planting instructions.  We’ll also put a greeting card and personalised message (which you write in the recipient details in the website checkout) in with your tree gift.

The gift of a tree is a gift for generations to enjoy and a way of caring for the environment.
Recommended for new baby/christening
  • Bramley Seedling Cooking Apple Tree
    Only € 70.00
  • Weeping Cotoneaster
    Only € 80.00
  • Cox's Orange Pippin Apple Tree
    Only € 65.00
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