New Baby/Christening trees

Trees are a marvelous gift for a new baby . They can be given to mark the baby’s birth, welcome to the world , Christening or any other occasion surrounding the baby’s birth. Celebrate your baby’s birth by holding a tree planting ceremony . Gather all your guests around and sow the tree on the baby’s special day and then watch it grow as your baby grows.The gift of a tree is a gift for generations.

The trees I have recommended are ones that envoke great childhood memories for me. The Horse Chestnut – it’s a real treasure in any garden when you think of its great fan like leaves and the fun collecting and playing conkers every Autumn. The next one is the Cox’s Orange Pippin apple tree – most children love apples and It’s lovely to just go out to the garden to pick one at the peak of freshness. And last but not least, The mighty White Oak – I had lots of fun in a tree house built in an Oak tree; I always loved it’s wavy leaves and unusual looking seeds -the acorns. The Oak will be around for possibly hundreds of years to come.

These trees are listed below or you could choose from the menu of trees and I’ll put a greeting card and personalised message in with your tree gift.

Recommended for new baby/christening
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