New Home Gift Trees

The gift of a tree is a great idea for someone who has moved into a new home. They will always remember this exciting time when they admire their lovely tree in their garden.

The trees I would recommend for a new home/housewarming gift would be a tree to correspond with the season they are moving into the house. In Spring, I would recommend Flowering Cherry ‘Kansan’ for its fabulous display of pink flowers. In Summer, the Laburnum tree with its yellow flower tassels draping from each branch is a sight to behold. For Autumn colour, the Red Oak’s vivid scarlet colour is really magnificent. In Winter, Cotoneaster is a good choice as it is semi-deciduous and will keep colour in the garden with its vibrant red berries on show.

Recommended for new home
  • Buxus Pyramid
    Only € 90.00
  • Buxus Sempervirens Ball
    Only € 80.00
  • Bramley Seedling Cooking Apple Tree
    Only € 70.00
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