Fathers Day Gift Trees

Give your Father a gift to remember this Father’s day. It will be a lovely reminder of your love for him for years to come and the labels come with lots of information about the history/folklore, uses of its timber and planting /maintenance information for each individual tree species. The perfect Fathers Day Gift.

The perfect tree gift for a Dad with lots of space in his garden is the White Oak / Red Oak – this is a great symbol of strength and endurance. The Laburnum is another great choice for Father’s day as it is usually in bloom at this time of year and gives a great blast of colour in the garden. Lastly Bramley apple seedling might be a lovely reminder of the day and why not use the apples to celebrate with a tasty treat each year.

Recommended for Fathers Day
  • Bramley Seedling Cooking Apple Tree
    Only € 70.00
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