frequently asked questions

How do I know I will get a good quality tree or shrub?
I personally select all our trees and I am really fussy about what I send out to the customer. All size guides are given with each trees description so you’ll know what size to expect. We sell good quality, well established trees. Please note that in Autumn/Winter any of our trees which are described as decidious will not have leaves and may not look quite as spectacular as pictures representing them on the site – just wait till Spring!

Is it the wrong time of year to plant a tree?
The great thing about buying our potted trees is that they can be sown at any time of year. When you sow your tree remember to water it well in dry spells and in the initial period after planting, especially in Summer.

What is the delivery packaging like?
Our trees and shrubs are delivered in really strong cardboard tubular packaging. This packaging was sourced because we want the trees to be fully protected during transit and it’s recyclable. Large gardening gifts are supplied in a cardboard box, smaller ones will be sent in a bubble wrap envelope. Please recycle this packaging immediately and keep away from children. Treeco cannot be responsible for misuse of packaging resulting in injury.

How to shop on our website?

  • 1.Select a tree, shrub or garden product, then select ‘add to cart’ and then ‘go to checkout’.
  • 2.Let us know what the occasion is and we will select a greeting card.
  • 3.Leave a personalized message to be put on their greeting card.
  • 4.Give the recipient’s delivery details: address and contact phone number. Please ensure all these details are correct.
  • 5.Choose your payment method and fill in your billing details.
  • 6.You have completed your order.
  • Business hours
    As we are an online business you can place an order at any time on our website. If you have any queries you can phone Michelle 086 8847629 during business hours or email

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