Valentines Gift Trees

Trees are as romantic a gift as you can get – watch them grow as your romance does. It truly symbolises a commitment to a relationship as this Valentines gift will last for a lifetime in comparison to a bouquet of flowers which will only last a few days. They will also remind the recipient of you for years to come.

Most of our trees are deciduous but here are some which will look good or flower shortly after Valentines day … so there won’t belong to wait to see something spectacular in the garden. Youngs Weeping Birch is a lovely delicate tree which is ideal for small gardens. Flowering Crab Apple is another good choice, it’s bark is a beautiful plum colour and in May it is glorious with an abundance of cerise pink flowers followed by small orange crab apples in the Autumn. Another popular choice is the stately and magnificent young Copper Beech with its rich maroon coloured leaves. You could also choose Flowering Cherry ‘Kansan’ famed for its fabulous display of pink flowers in Springtime.

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