Welcome to Treeco! The place to find truly thoughtful and beautiful tree gifts for family, friends, or maybe just to look fab in your own garden!

Trees are the oldest and largest living things around us. Their presence in our gardens is an inspiration and brings life, colour and fragrance throughout the seasons.

The gift of a tree is perfect for almost any occasion and at Treeco we aim to ensure your gift has the “WOW” factor.

Each tree is carefully gift wrapped in hessian and information labels are attached which give the tree’s description, planting instructions and also each tree’s unique historic uses and the ancient Irish folklore associated with it.

There’s also the option of leaving a personalised message for the gift recipient and we’ll pop it on a suitable gift card for you. The trees will arrive in a protective cardboard tube and quality is assured.

Most of our trees are 6ft or over and will really make an impact on your garden. The smaller trees/shrubs are from 4ft and are priced accordingly

At Treeco, we want to start an online tree gift revolution, so if you receive one as a gift please spread the word and most of all remember to “ENJOY YOUR TREE”


Tree of the month

Our special offer for January 2021 is the beautiful Weeping Cotoneaster. It is a small semi-evergreen weeping tree with long pendulous branches. In June the small white flowers appear followed by bunches of red Autumn berries- was €55 now €50. This is a perfect gift for any size garden.

Top Selling Tree Gifts
  • Rowan 'Joseph Rock'
    Only € 60.00
  • Wedding Day Wishing Tree 100-150 Guests
    Only € 240.00
  • Weeping Cotoneaster
    Only € 50.00
  • Japanese Flowering Cherry
    Only € 65.00
  • Holly
    Only € 35.00