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Rowan Sheerwater Seedling

Botanical name :Sorbus aucuparia

Irish Name:Caorthann

Description:A graceful, elegant and compact deciduous tree with fern-like green leaves which has the great virtue of season long colour. White flower clusters in May/June are followed by a wondrous display of red berries in late Summer or early Autumn with the foliage also turning red in the Autumn.

History and folklore:Known as “fid na ndruad”, “the Druids tree”, Rowan has probably the greatest amount of folklore attached to it among native Irish trees. The tree is amongst the most sacred plants of the pre-Christian people of Ireland and Europe. Rowan is associated with protection and until relatively recent times it was tradition to have a Rowan planted beside a house. Rowan was believed not only to protect against evil, but to keep the dead from rising and prevent fire when hung in the house. Ballykeerin in Donegal and Drumkeerin in Leitrim are named after this magnificent tree. Under Brehon Law Rowan was considered a “Commoner of the Wood”.

Uses:Rowan timber is tough and strong and has historically been used to make bows for archers. Its berries can be fermented to make a drink resembling perry.

Planting information:Thrives in any soil and likes sun or partial shade.

Approximate height when delivered:6ft – 1.8m

Mature height and spread:Approximately 6 metres high by 2.5 metres spread.


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