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Laburnum – Golden rain

Botanical name :Laburnum × wateri “Vossii”

Laburnum is a lovely ornate addition to your garden. It is a small deciduous tree with yellow flowers which blossom in May and June. The pendant chains of golden yellow flowers hang from the branches and create a beautiful floral display in early summer. These are followed by brown pods which remain until mid winter. The leaves are glossy dark green and are a very attractive feature.

Laburnum× wateri, “Vossii”, is a hybrid of Laburnum anagyroides and Laburnum alpinum and is a member of the pea family Fabaceae. In Ireland in the 1700’s, the common and Scottish laburnum varieties were found to have been planted in gardens of stately homes. Later in the 1800’s they were commonly planted as hedge trees and most species now seen in Ireland are likely descendents of these. The royal horticultural society has given it an award of garden merit.
Laburnum can be planted in any soil, except wet soil and they favour full sun. CAUTION: The leaves, twigs and seeds are toxic but this is probably the best variety of Laburnum to have if you have young children as it is almost always sterile and does not produce too many seeds.
6ft - 1.8m
Approximately 5 metres high by 4 metres spread.



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