Kilmarnock Willow

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Kilmarnock Willow

Botanical name :Salix Caprea ‘pendula’

Irish Name:Kilmarnock Saileach

Description:The Kilmarnock Willow is a dwarf , weeping tree and is a great choice for small gardens. In spring the branches become covered in golden male catkins. Its leaves are silvery-green in colour.

Willow has long been associated with immortality and used in funeral ceremonies, probably due to its ability to grow from the smallest branch stuck into the earth. The phrase “knock on wood” or “touch wood” is thought to have come from the old act of knocking on Willow trees to avert bad luck or evil. In Pagan traditions, the Willow was the tree of fertility and was linked to the Moon Godess and Water. Druids would cut Willow wands for Bealtaine celebrations. In ancient times, Willow groves were seen as enchanted places to seek inspiration & meditation which seems apt when you think of the relaxing sound of the “wind in the willows” which is so often used in poetry. In the Ogham alphabet “S” was represented by Saileach or Willow. Clonsilla in County Dublin derives its name from Willow.
Willow has been used for medicinal purposes throughout the ages. It has been used to treat health problems caused by damp conditions such as rheumatism. It is considered the natural form of aspirin and is sometimes called ‘witch’s aspirin’ Willow branches are used for woven basketry as its branches are easy to weave and remarkably strong.
Plant in any moist, well drained soil. The Kilmarnock Willow prefers full sun.
5ft - 1.5m


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