Japanese Flowering Cherry

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Japanese Flowering Cherry

Botanical name :Prunus ‘Kansan’

Irish Name:Gean/ crann silini borradh / Idath.

Description:The Japanese Flowering Cherry is a deciduous upright tree. In late April the tree becomes covered in clusters of frilly, purple-pink double flowers. Its foliage is coppery coloured in Spring and changes to light green in Summer.

The Bird Cherry and Wild Cherry are native to Ireland. In the ancient Irish law text Bretha Comhaithchesa, the Cherry was equal in status and value to Alder, Willow, Hawthorn, Birch and Rowan. The Cherry Blossom (sakura) is Japans unofficial national flower. The popular annual tradition of "Hanami" parties or picnics to celebrate the bloom of Cherry trees, dates back to the 8th Century. In Japan the Cherry Blossom is a powerful symbol of nationalism and is commonly found in Japanese art. During WW2, Japanese Kamikaze pilots would paint the Cherry Blossom onto the side of their aircraft or bring a branch of the tree with them on their ill fated missions
Plant in full sun and in moist, well drained soil.
6ft - 1.8m
In 20 years the height will be approx 8-12 metres x 8 metres spread.


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