Flowering Crab Apple

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Flowering Crab Apple

Botanical name :Malus ‘Evereste’

Irish Name:Crann Fia-Ull

Description:The ornamental flowering crab apple is a hardy deciduous tree. In April and May, the flowering crab apple tree is glorious with an abundance of white flowers. The fruit are lovely red/orange apples and they remain on the tree well into the Autumn.
Apples and crab apples are a common and celebrated subject in Irish folklore and poetry. The apple was a welcome seasonal source of a tasty food and if the crop was abundant it was possible to use for cider or jam making. In the eight century text Bretha Comhaithceasa the apple was included as one of the nobles of the forest. This meant that severe penalties could be exacted for any wilful damage to an apple tree.
Crab apples act as a great attractor to pollinators and are planted in many orchards to maximise fruit yields. In some orchards buckets of flowering crab apple branches are placed near beehives to attract the bees. The fruit is rarely eaten due to the sour taste but is commonly used for crab apple jelly and as a flavour enhancer in cider making.
Plant in full sun or semi-shade.
A maximum of approximately 5 metres high by 4 metres spread in 20 years.


Just a note to thank you for the fantastic tree it was the best present we as a family could have given to Mam and Dad they love it and feel there will now always be a part of them at home. The delivery presentation and the tree itself was fantastic, will highly recommend your business to friends and family, thanks, Leslie