Buxus Pyramid

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Buxus Pyramid

Botanical name:Buxus Sempervirens

Description:The Buxus Pyramid is a hardy compact evergreen tree/shrub. It has oval leaves which are 10-25mm in length. The leaves are waxy, shiny and dark green in appearance.Clusters of small yellow/green flowers grow in the axils of the leaves in April/May. When the flowers are pollinated they develop into a green/ brown seed case. They are a perfect doorstep or patio tree and will be a superb addition, either individually or in pairs, to elevate any entrance.
Primarily Buxus pyramids are used in pots as entrance trees at front doors, on patios and terraces. They can also be planted directly into the soil to line paths or create a feature in gardens.
The Buxus pyramids are clipped into a cone shape, simply trim these low maintenance plants once a year to retain their shape. For a statement piece beside a door or on a patio, plant it in a large planter and water weekly during dry spells. The buxus pyramids can also be planted in the garden, water well in summer or dry spells in first growing season. You can feed your Buxus with fertiliser from a garden centre to promote healthy growth and to retain its deep green colour.
Can grow to 5M in height, trim yearly to retain size and shape.



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