Bay Tree

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Bay Tree

Botanical name : Laurus Nobilis

Description:The Bay Tree (Laurus Nobilis) is a lovely evergreen tree/shrub. This Bay Tree has a long stem and its leaves are trimmed using topiary into a lollipop shape on top. Its beautifully scented deep green leaves are approx 2-4 cm wide and 6-10 cm long.The Bay tree is dioecious, with male and female flowers on different plants. Its small flowers are a yellow / green and in pairs beside a leaf, these appear in April/May. The fruit is small, black and shiny.
Bay is a delicious herb used to enhance the flavour of many dishes. It is most commonly used in bouquet garni which is added to stocks, soups, casseroles, meats, and vegetables.
The Bay tree prefers full sun or partial shade. They should be positioned a place that is protected from strong winds which would damage the leaves. Water container-grown bay moderately, it is very important not to water-log roots. Place the pot on a stand to allow excess water to drain away. Fertilise in spring/ Summer. In temperatures lower than -5°C, protect plants with fleece or place them in a shed. Trim bay with secateurs during summer to encourage growth and to maintain a rounded shape. Re-pot your Bay Tree every three years into a slightly larger pot - you can use multi-purpose potting compost. It can also be planted in the garden but it is best to plant it in an area where it is sheltered from harsh winds.
4 Ft
Grows up to 7 metres, clip to maintain height and shape. 30cm head.



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