10 Great reasons to give a tree as a gift

Trees are great for biodiversity in your garden as they are a source of food and shelter for a vast number of animals, birds, insects and plants. A single mature Oak can attract around 280 different species.
A mature leafy Oak can also produce the same amount of oxygen annually as ten people inhale in a year.
Trees are the longest living organisms around – they truly last for generations. The oldest recorded native trees in Ireland are often disputed but according to the Tree Council of Ireland, the Silken Thomas Yew planted at the entrance to Saint Patrick’s college Maynooth is the oldest being approximately 700 – 800 years old.
Trees are great value for money when you consider how much you pay to have a bouquet of cut flowers delivered which only last a few days. There really is no competition there.
You’re linking back to ancient cultures where for thousands of years trees were greatly respected in Ireland. Evidence for this lies in the ancient law tract, Bretha Comaithchesa –Laws of the Neighborhood. Trees were given protection against wilful damage. Any such damage to listed trees, particularly revered species such as Oak, Yew, Holly or Ash meant a large penalty such as the concession of two dairy cows.
All our native trees have a fascinating history. At Treeco, we put each species history/folklore on every label attached to our gift trees so you can learn more about your special gift.
Remember conkers, helicopters, apples, swings, tree houses and climbing…… trees play a central role in our childhood memories.
Think of the blast of red flowers from the Paul’s Scarlet in Spring, the blinding yellow of the Laburnum flower in Summer or the orange/ red blaze of colour from the Red Oak in Autumn. Trees are a vivid reminder of seasonal change as we journey around the sun each year – which is quite magical when you think about it.
Trees are a great provider of food, take for instance the apple tree , it’s brilliant to just walk into you own garden and pick your apple at its peak of freshness.
10. will gift wrap your tree, put it in a really strong tube for delivery, include a handwritten greeting card, a label with history and folklore and deliver it to the gift recipients door. It’s not only convenient, green and great value – trees are simply a thoughtful and special gift for anyone to receive!

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